Summary :

This is a remote head housing for the uBITX HF kit using a 3.5" Nextion touchscreen. The RF board and the Raduino of the uBITX is housed in a separate enclosure pretty much of your own choice, although I have made a front plate adaptor for my old compact uBITX case design. 

Details on that is on the old design's page at the following link as a revision/addendum so this page will focus only on the remote head.
uBiTX SDR Transceiver
Materials needed for this remote head are: 
  • 10k volume potentiometer with 17mm diam housing, 6mm diam x 11.5mm long teethed shaft (same as in the compact case) 
  • GX16-n microphone jack where n is number of pins (same as in the compact case) 
  • 3x 5mm ultr-bright LED bulbs, your choice of color for the knob rings backlight. 
  • 8x M3 3mm machine screws. 
  • 3x M4 4mm nuts and bolts.
uBiTX SDR Transceiver
For this reason I have chosen a DB25. It's cheap, readily available and has more than enough needed pins. And I reckon there are loads of serial cables lying around doing nothing. If you want to hardwire directly, I have included a cable thru plate for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm cables.
uBiTX SDR Transceiver
Optional items: 
  • 2x 3mm red and green LED bulbs for extra TX/RX indicators. 
  • 50mm, 1watt min speaker. 
  • 2x 3.5mm stereo phone jacks. 
  • DB25 25-pin D-sub connector and 2x M3 3mm nuts and bolts. 
The remote head contains a 3.5" Nextion screen, the VFO knob, the volume control and mic socket of the uBITX transceiver. Interface to the main box is via a shielded cable, whose number of conductors will depend on whatever you want hooked up in the remote head.
uBiTX SDR Transceiver
The knob rings should be printed at 100% infill with clear/translucent filament for best light transfer. Everything else at 20% infill with the filament type and color of your choice.