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pıoneer DVR-A07

Uyarı: Bu Yayındaki Resim, Makale ve Video vs. Web'de Bulunan Çeşitli Kaynaklardan Alınmıştır. Telif Hakkı Tamamen Kaynağa Göre Düzenlenmiştir. Bu konuda Bir Sorun varsa İletişim Bizimle İrtibata Geçebilirsiniz.
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The Pioneer DVR-A07 offers several unique features: The Pioneer Defect Management System enhances recording reliability and the DVR-A07 is also fitted with a Dynamic Resonance Absorber reducing disruptive playback vibrations which is caused by low quality media or impaired data. "Precision Recording Technology" is also a feature incorporated by Pioneer. This is a clever invention targeting image quality and improving it in DVD's by automatic adjustment of writing conditions to better satistfy different medias.

The Pioneer DVR-A07 contains a rich collections of software for photo- and video- editing, burning discs, and backup recording.

Pioneer DVR-A07 Specifications

WRITE Support




CD-R 700(Type 74), (Type 80),High-speed,CD-RW

READ Support


DVD Video (dual&single layer), DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD +R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM


CD-ROM XA, CD-ROM (1&2Mode), CD-DA (Audio CD), Video CD PhotoCD (multi/single-session), EXTRA CD (CD-Plus),CD-R, CD-Text, CD-RW



8 X Z-CLV (media 8 X DVD-R ), 6 X (Media 8 X DVD-R ), 4 X(Media 4 X DVD-R ), 2 X, 1 X


4 X(media 4 X DVD+RW ), 2.4 X


8 X Z-CLV (media 8 X DVD+R ), 6 X(media 8 X DVD+R ), 4 X(media 4 X DVD+R ) 2.4 X


4 X (media 4 X DVD-RW ), 2 X (2 X DVD-RW media), 1X


24 X Z-CLV, 16 X, 8 X, 4 X


24 X Z-CLV (media Ultra-Speed CD-RW ), 16 X (media Ultra-Speed CD-RW ), 10 X (media High Speed CD-RW ), 4 X

READ Speed

DVD-ROM (Single)

Max 12X CAV

DVD-ROM (Dual)

Maximum 8 X CAV


Maximum 8X CAV


Maximum 8X CAV


Maximum 40 X CAV (Mode 1)


Maximum 32 X CAV

THERE IS A CATCH, HOWEVER, and its a big one. You can only swap 106 and 107 OEM Pioneer recorder burners that include the modified controller board. In other words, if you have a Pioneer 310 with a good burner but dead power supply and a Pioneer 520 with a bad burner but good otherwise, you can take the good 106 burner from the 310 and install it in the 520 (using the service remote and data disc to marry the serial numbers). This would be a very unusual and unlikely scenario for most people. The easier and more common approach is to find a generic burner of whatever type your recorder uses (106, 107 or 109) and swap the controller boards to trick the recorder into thinking its the original drive. You cannot do the "swap the controller board" trick between a 106 and a 107 because the boards are different sizes: this is why "upgrading" or "downgrading" your recorder with an earlier or later burner only works if the replacement burner was harvested from another Pioneer recorder. I hope I'm being clear with this information, its confusing and hard to describe.

The mounting brackets in the recorders are different for the 106 and 107, so you have to change around some screws and leave some off if you use the "wrong" burner for your recorder model (the drive will still mount securely). Note the 530 and 630 series recorders use the later 109 burner which is much smaller. In theory it should work in a 510 or 520 if you could jerry-rig a secure mounting strategy and your motherboard uses the press-to-fit ribbon cables (some early x10 models use generic IDE connectors that won't fit). And again, any 109 used in an x10 or x20 would need to be harvested from a Pioneer x30 recorder to guarantee it has the recorder-compatible controller board. The x30 recorders do not have room in the chassis to accept any drive model except the 109 they were designed for: the only way to replace the burner in an x30 is to swap its controller board with a generic 109 burner, or a complete 109 harvested from another x30 recorder.

I've mentioned before that the easiest route to a good working 107 burner is to buy a "broken" Pioneer 220 or 225 recorder off eBay. Nine out of ten "broken" 220s and 225s suffer from premature power supply meltdowns: the recorder is dead but the burner often still has a lot of life left in it. It will also already have a Pioneer recorder control board installed, meaning you don't have to disassemble it to swap any boards: just remove it from the dead host recorder and pop it into yours. "Dead" 220 and 225 recorders often sell for less than $40.

The Pioneer x10 and x20 models require using the Pio service remote and Type 1 service data disc to re-match the serial numbers any time a burner is disconnected and reinstalled, even if its the original burner it came with. Do not disconnect your original burner until/unless you have the service remote and disc (as detailed in the Pio 520 repair threads here on VH). The later x30 recorders are a little easier because they do "remember" their original burner serial numbers when the burner is removed and replaced. As long as you swap the original controller board into your replacement 109 burner, the x30 recorders will almost always start right up as if nothing had changed: they won't insist on the service remote/service disc routine. Every so often, though, I do run across an x30 that insists on the service routine, in which case I do have to use the tools to match the serial numbers. This happens most often on the American 633 model, which is an absolute terror to repair.
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