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pıoneer dvr320

Uyarı: Bu Yayındaki Resim, Makale ve Video vs. Web'de Bulunan Çeşitli Kaynaklardan Alınmıştır. Telif Hakkı Tamamen Kaynağa Göre Düzenlenmiştir. Bu konuda Bir Sorun varsa İletişim Bizimle İrtibata Geçebilirsiniz.
31.7.11 Google de Ara Bing de Ara ziyaretci-sayac

Pioneer DVR-320
RGB in/out
Plays pre-recorded DVD's & CD's
Time-Slip Chasing Playback feature on 2x certified DVD-RW media to allow simultaneous playback and recording
10-bit / 54 MHz video DAC, combined with a high quality 192kHz / 24bit audio DAC
TBC (Time Base Corrector) LSI for efficient jitter-free, high quality recording
VR mode support 'Disc Timer Recording' This allows time settings to be stored on the disc
Records on DVD-RW & DVD-R Video Blank Media
Can make discs that will play in most existing DVD players (Requires Video mode and finalization)
NICAM PAL TV Tuner built in with Videoplus+ & PDC with one month / 8 event timer
Firewire (i-link) DV input/output for connection to a camera or PC (To output to a PC the recordings must have been your own)
RGB in/out
Uses the single layer 4.7GB DVD-RW (ReWritable) System
Records in real-time using MPEGII compression-Up to 6 hours per DVD-RW disc
Quick recording function automatically finds the blank part of the disc
Variable Data rate and variable resolution settings
2 Channel Dolby Digital Encoding
Disc navigation thumbnail chapter view
Minidisc style Non-linear editing erase/combine/undo etc (VR Mode Only)
Store timer settings on individual discs
SR control terminal
VBR recording on all recording video mode and VR
Audio record level
NTSC/PAL Recording
Includes MP3 and WMA playback for CD-R with on-screen navigator
Jpeg Photo Viewer for Kodak CD and Fuji Colour CD compatible
1.5x View Scan with Dolby Digital/PCM audio output
DVD Title menu creator with thumbnails when finalizing a “Video mode” DVD-R/RW
9 Selectable background wallpapers

Television viewing and home recording will never be the same again thanks to Pioneer's new DVD recorders. Say goodbye to videotapes and enter the world of digital recording. You'll be amazed by the excellent picture quality and the amazing features offered with this new technology. The DVR-320 is a DVD-R/-RW recorder for upgraded home entertainment with recordable DVD. It is one of the slimmest DVD recorders on the market, with a height of only 5.9cm. Don't you hate when the phone rings during your favorite program? With Pioneer's Chase Play, simply press record, then when you're off the phone you can start watching where you left it while the ends keeps recording! Watch a show from the disc while recording something else onto the very same disc at the same time! Pioneer's disc navigator provides a easy way to find your recordings with audio and video motion thumbnails. Pioneer's DVR320 has additional convenient features which enhance your audio-visual entertainment. These include G-Code recording, one-touch record, and easy timer recording to pre-program your recordings. Can't remember what you recorded on which disc? With Pioneer's DVR320 all you have to do is label your discs once you have finished recording and the disc history will remember the contents of the last 30 discs!
Editors' review
Editors' Choice: No Reviewed on: 05/20/2004 The Pioneer DVR-320 is the company's entry-level DVD recorder. It records TV programs and camcorder videos to DVD-R and DVD-RW discs and will be available in June for an affordable $399. And bargain hunters should take note: The less expensive DVR-220 and DVR-225 models sold by Wal-Mart and Best Buy (respectively) are basically the same model.

Upside: The DVR-320's front-panel FireWire jack allows easy backup of home movies from any DV camcorder; this recorder even includes some basic editing functions for trimming scenes and making menus. Unlike in last year's model, the DVR-320's chasing playback doesn't require switching to VR mode. That means you'll be able to begin watching a show while the conclusion is simultaneously being recorded on the same disc.

Downside: While the step-up DVR-520H allows recording to an internal hard drive as well as to disc, the DVR-320 is a DVD-only affair. And unlike Pioneer's pricier TiVo-powered DVR-810H, this model lacks an electronic programming guide and an IR blaster. That means it can't control digital cable and satellite boxes, so if you've moved beyond analog cable TV, you may have a tough time recording your favorite shows.

Outlook: The price is nice, and camcorder archivists will find a lot to like, but the lack of even a basic electronic programming guide will frustrate those looking for anything more than a glorified VCR replacement.

Product Type DVD recorder with TV tuner Form Factor Tabletop Width 16.5 in Depth 13.3 in Height 2.3 in Weight 8.8 lbs DVD Media Type DVD-R , CD-R , SVCD , DVD , DVD-RW , Video CD , CD-RW , CD Media Format SECAM D/K , PAL , PAL-I , PAL-B/G , NTSC , M-NTSC , PAL-K Recordable Media DVD-R , DVD-RW Video D/A Converter 10bit / 54MHz Media Load Type Tray Recording Mode LP , EP , SP , Fine Programmability 32 events / 1 month Supported Digital Audio Standards WMA , MP3 TV Tuner Channel coverage UHF:14-69 , VHF:2-13 , Cable:1-125 DVD Features Multizone Yes Additional features Progressive scanning , Simultaneous recording and playback , JPEG photo playback , Digital video noise reduction Audio System Sound Output Mode Stereo Digital Audio Format Dolby Digital output , DTS digital output Remote Control Type Remote control Technology Infrared Connections Connector Type 1.0 x S-Video input ( TOSLINK ) - Rear , 1.0 x Component video output ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) - Rear , 2.0 x RF input ( RCA phono x 3 ) - Rear , 1.0 x RF output ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) - Front , 1.0 x Composite video/audio output ( RCA phono x 3 ) - Front , 1.0 x S-Video input ( Mini-phone 3.5 mm ) - Rear , 1.0 x Composite video/audio input ( RCA phono x 3 ) - Front , 1.0 x SPDIF output ( 4 pin mini-DIN ) - Rear , 1.0 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.LINK) - Rear , 2.0 x Remote control - Rear , 1.0 x S-Video output - Rear Power Power Device Power supply - Internal Power Consumption Operational 30.0 Watt
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