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Pioneer BDP-LX70A

Uyarı: Bu Yayındaki Resim, Makale ve Video vs. Web'de Bulunan Çeşitli Kaynaklardan Alınmıştır. Telif Hakkı Tamamen Kaynağa Göre Düzenlenmiştir. Bu konuda Bir Sorun varsa İletişim Bizimle İrtibata Geçebilirsiniz.
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Pioneer BDP-LX70A

The BDP-LX70A gets the best out of high definition media. It delivers ‘master quality’; audio and video exactly as the film-makers intended, perfectly played back at 1080p and 24Hz.

We call this 'HD Digital Film Direct 24'; it ensures that what you see is at exactly the same speed and using the same 24 frames per second as the film was shot, stored, mastered and screened at the cinema.

The player supports bitstream output for both Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. This means that not only are you guaranteed full high definition video quality, but “lossless” audio: sound without any distortion, interference or noise.

Build a true HD home network solution
You can stream compressed audio, movie and image files across your home IP network, too.

The BDP-LX70A is your Home Media Gallery. The player is DNLA-compatible (by Ethernet), which means that content such as MPEG and WMA movie files, MP3, WMA and WAV music files and JPEG, PNG and GIF image files can be transferred from your home computer to the player.

If you don’t have a home network the BDP-LX70A’s Disc Navigator function enables playback, from DVD disc, of the same content formats.

High quality design and build
The BDP-LX70A has an efficient, double-layered chassis, which delivers incredible mechanical stability; important in ensuring interference-free playback of media.

Each component within the player is designed for high-performance, with the main circuit, power supply, Blu-ray drive and audio circuits sealed for mechanical strength.

Multiple formats, multiple media
The BDP-LX70A is not only a Blu-ray disc player, but can also play your entire DVD collection, supporting both PAL and NTSC playback. And of course, it can play audio CDs, too.

Straightforward, simple operation
Finally, the player uses HDMI control, which means that, once it is connected to one of our KURO flat-screen TV's, for example, a single remote control can be used to control both the player and the screen.
Playback BDP-LX70A
Home Media Gallery Yes
Windows Media Connect Yes
Advanced Disc Navigator with moving thumbnails Yes
Audio Features BDP-LX70A
Dolby Digital Yes
Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Dolby TrueHD Yes
DTS CD Capability Yes
Dynamic Range Control Yes
Bass Management Yes
Video Features BDP-LX70A
PureCinema Progressive Scan: PAL/NTSC Yes
I/P Simultaneous Output Yes
Video Adjust Yes
Pixel Scaler Yes
Miscellaneous BDP-LX70A
Remote Control Unit Yes
Power Requirements AC 220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Main Features BDP-LX70A
• Blu-ray disc (BD-ROM)
• DVD-Video, DVD-R/-R DL, DVD-RW
• Streamed digital video's, photo's and compressed audio files from your home PC
Terminals 1 x HDMI out, 1 x digital audio out (coaxial / optical), 1 x component video out, 1 x s-video out, 1 x video out, 1 x 2 channel analogue audio out, 1 x 5.1 analogue audio out, 1 x LAN
HD Digital Film Direct 24 Yes
DLNA Certified Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 103 x 353 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Power Consumption (in use/standby) 35W / 0.5 Watt
Playback BDP-LX70A
Playback Discs
• Blu-ray disc (BD-ROM)
• DVD-Video, DVD-R/-R DL, DVD-RW
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