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Pioneer BDP-23FD

Uyarı: Bu Yayındaki Resim, Makale ve Video vs. Web'de Bulunan Çeşitli Kaynaklardan Alınmıştır. Telif Hakkı Tamamen Kaynağa Göre Düzenlenmiştir. Bu konuda Bir Sorun varsa İletişim Bizimle İrtibata Geçebilirsiniz.
24.4.11 Google de Ara Bing de Ara ziyaretci-sayac

Pioneer has announced four new Blu-Ray players; one being the high-end Elite BDP-09FD.
Pioneer says that flagship Pioneer Elite player is a highly sophisticated multimedia machine that plays not only Blu-ray Discs but also DVDs upscaled to 1080p (and 24 fps) resolution and CD content.

Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD
The flagship Pioneer Elite player is a highly sophisticated multimedia machine that plays not only Blu-ray Discs but also DVDs upscaled to 1080p (and 24 fps) resolution and CD content with unbelievable clarity, and is also BD-Live ready.

Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD
Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD

The much anticipated BDP-09FD was engineered to provide the ultimate viewing experience and raise the bar for all future CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players. On full display on the showroom floor, this BD player has created the home entertainment standard for design, build and performance quality.

Profile 2.0 has been integrated and the player fully support the BD-Live feature. BDP-09FD also has two HDMI outputs; both supporting all the new HD audio formats and 1080p24. Audio can be outputted through a 7.1 analogues output. Colours are controlled by a 16-bit processor that has the ability to output 16-bit colours as well.

Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD
Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD

A 4 GB internal cache is found inside the cabinet, too.

Price: 2200 US dollars.

Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD
A Blu-ray Disc player designed for custom home entertainment installations, the BDP-23FD includes one GB of internal on-board memory for BD-Live content along with an additional USB storage port, 7.1 channel analog output and the following features:

Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD
Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD

# RS-232C Interface that allows for home automation with complete control of the player.
# Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) Multi-Channel – jitter-free audio for new advanced HD audio formats.
# KURO Link Picture Mode: When connected to a KURO television, a new, dedicated A/V mode perfectly syncs and optimizes the image.

Pioneer BDP-320
A welcome addition to the Pioneer line of Blu-ray disc players, this player allows for quick playback of BD-Live content stored on the included one GB of internal memory and a secondary USB storage connection.

Pioneer BDP-320
Pioneer BDP-320

The BDP-320 also allows for 7.1-channel analog output and a series of picture adjustment features including:
# 48-Bit Deep Color Support ensures a vibrant viewing experience by improving subtle color gradations in movie scenes.
# Picture Control Suite creates a finely tuned image with thirteen different video adjustments.
# Noise Reduction Circuits improve the image quality of lower-quality DVD content.
# KURO Link Picture Mode: When connected to a KURO television, a new, dedicated A/V mode perfectly syncs and optimizes the image.

Pioneer BDP-120
Uncover more than just movies with the new Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-ray Disc player. A player that plays your movies in full high definition and lets you go online via BD-Live to download extras like movie trailers, special features and more onto a connected flash drive.

Pioneer BDP-120
Pioneer BDP-120

The BDP-120 supports DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD as well as 1080p24 output from the HDMI port.

The BDP-23FD features an advanced picture control suite allowing you to tailor your video signal with up to 48-bit deep color perfection. Built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio decoders assure you that the ability to reproduce pristine high-definition audio was not overlooked. And with 1080p DVD upscaling ability, it’s not just your Blu-ray disc titles that will benefit.
o Power Consumption Operational 32 Watt
o Power Device Power supply – internal
o Power Consumption Stand by / Sleep 0.3 Watt
o Connector Type 1 x HDMI output ( 19 pin HDMI Type A ) – rear ¦ 1 x Ethernet ( RJ-45 ) – rear ¦ 1 x component video output ( RCA phono x 3 ) – rear ¦ 1 x composite video output ( RCA phono ) – rear ¦ 1 x 7.1 channel audio line-out ( RCA phono x 8 ) ¦ 1 x serial ( 9 pin D-Sub ) – rear ¦ 1 x USB ( 4 pin USB Type A ) – rear ¦ 1 x digital audio output (optical) ( TOSLINK ) – rear ¦ 1 x remote control – rear
Remote Control
o Technology Infrared
o Type Universal remote control
DVD Features
o Additional Features Progressive scanning, cinema mode, JPEG photo playback, KURO LINK, x.v.Colour technology, BD-Java
o Video Noise Reduction Yes
o Upscaling Yes ( up to 1080p )
o Supported Digital Audio Standards WMA, MP3
o Supported Digital Video Standards MPEG-2, AVCHD
o Media Load Type Tray
o Built-in Audio Decoders Dolby Digital, DTS decoder, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution
o BD Profiles Profile 2.0 (BD-Live)
Audio System
o Digital Audio Format Dolby Digital output, DTS digital output, Dolby True HD digital output, DTS-HD digital output, Dolby Digital Plus output
o Response Bandwidth 4 – 88000 Hz
o Sound Output Mode Surround Sound
o Additional Features Built-in 1GB flash memory
o Height 3.3 in
o Depth 11.3 in
o Width 16.5 in
o Product Type Blu-Ray disc player
o Form Factor Tabletop
Environmental Standards
o ENERGY STAR Qualified Yes
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