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Lead the way.
Explore, talk and play. The AVIC-F910BT will take the stress out of your car journey, giving you full-scale navigation, entertainment and communication in one perfect-fit system.

Travel anywhere in Europe: the NavGate AVIC-F910BT has 44 countries pre-installed, ready to go. Get to where you need to go safely and without fuss.

The AVIC-F910BT gives you:
Accurate maps in high-resolution with 3D elevation and 3D landmarks,
Real-time traffic assistance, helping you avoid the jams and traffic hotspots
Multiple sensors to ensure accurate positioning in areas where GPS signals may be weak (in tunnels or in built-up cities, for example).
Voice guidance with text-to-speech capability, giving you stress-free driving; specific street names or points of interest are pronounced clearly en route.
Customise your map using our NavGate FEEDS PC application: find points of interests on the internet, and add them to your map using an SD card or USB stick. Select the button colour illumination to perfectly match your unit to your dashboard and customise your start-up screen with your favourite photos.

Make and receive phone calls wirelessly, too. The AVIC-F910BT includes a Parrot Bluetooth module. Your phone will automatically register with the system which can store, manage and call up to 400 contacts from three different phones.

Never be without your music or film collection: the AVIC-F910BT is a versatile player, supporting most disc and file formats.

Enjoy your CDs, DVDs, iPod, iPhone, USB memory device or SD card, and control these directly on screen.

The AVIC-F910BT has 3 RCA pre-outs, so you can connect external amplifiers and additional speakers and subwoofers. You can even add an optional reversing camera to make parking in tight spots easier to manage.

Designed to fit flush in your cars double-din slot, the AVIC-F910BT is a multimedia navigation and communication hub that will change the way you and your passengers experience a journey.

Bluetooth compatibility list (pdf)

Main Features AVIC-F910BT
Simultaneous Navigation and AV Entertainment Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Customisable Key and Display Illumination Yes
Multi-Sensor Navigation Yes
Plays • Your CD and DVD collection (including CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW discs)
• MP3, WMA, iTunes (AAC) and WAV music on CD, DVD, SD card and USB
• JPEG digital photos (for personalising your start-up screen)
• MPEG4 video from SD card and USB
• DivX files from CD and DVD
• Your iPod and iPhone via the optional CD-IU230V cable
• Your USB device via a rear input
• Other AV devices via the front and rear auxillary input
Radio Yes
Navigation Features AVIC-F910BT
3D Landmarks Yes
TMC Traffic Info Receiver Yes
Voice Guidance Languages 20 languages supported: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norweigan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
Menu Languages 19 languages supported: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norweigan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
Bluetooth Features AVIC-F910BT
Parrot Bluetooth Module Yes
Main Features AVIC-F910BT
Touch Screen Operation Yes
Screen Size 5.8-inch high resolution WVGA screen
DVD Region Code 2
Voice Guidance Yes
Text-to-Speech Capability Yes
Installation Type 2-DIN, in-dash
Anti-Theft Protection Yes
Compatible Cars AVIC-F910BT
Compatible Cars Any car with a 2-DIN slot
Navigation Features AVIC-F910BT
Map Type Pre-installed on built-in flash memory
Navigation Coverage 44 European countries ('connector roads' for 9 countries), including 3D elevation maps
Points of Interest (POI) 1.7 million
NavGate Feeds Custom POI Creator Yes
Bluetooth Features AVIC-F910BT
Hands Free Calling (Hands Free Profile) Yes
Additional Bluetooth Features • Phone book transfer
• 400 entries for each user (up to 3 users)
iPod Compatibility AVIC-F910BT
iPod Control Yes, via optional CD-IU230V cable
Works with iPhone Yes
Compatible Generations From September 2005 - July 2008
Supported Functions • Battery charging
• List browsing
• Music playback
• Video playback
• Album art transfer
Expandability AVIC-F910BT
RCA AV Input 2 (1 rear-in, 1 front-in mini jack)
RCA AV Rear Output 1
RCA Pre-Outs 3 (F + R + S/W)
SD Card Input Yes (front-in)
USB Input Yes (rear input cable included)
Portable Device Connectivity Yes, via optional CD-RM10 cable
Reverse Camera Input Yes, for the optional ND-BC2 or ND-BC20PA rear cameras
Direct Sub Drive Yes
Hard Wired Remote Ready Yes
Audio AVIC-F910BT
MOSFET 50 W x 4 Amplifier Yes
Equaliser 3-band Parametric Equaliser (PEQ)
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