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Pioneer AVIC-F310BT

Uyarı: Bu Yayındaki Resim, Makale ve Video vs. Web'de Bulunan Çeşitli Kaynaklardan Alınmıştır. Telif Hakkı Tamamen Kaynağa Göre Düzenlenmiştir. Bu konuda Bir Sorun varsa İletişim Bizimle İrtibata Geçebilirsiniz.
24.2.11 Google de Ara Bing de Ara ziyaretci-sayac

Main Features AVIC-F310BT
Simultaneous Navigation and AV Entertainment Yes (for navigation and audio)
Touch Screen Operation Yes
Screen Size 4.3-inch WQVGA detachable screen
Customisable Key and Display Illumination Yes
Plays • Your CD collection (including CD-R/-RW)
• MP3, WMA, iTunes (AAC) and WAV music on CD and USB
• JPEG digital photos (for personalising your start-up screen)
• Music from your iPod and iPhone via the optional CD-IU50 cable
• Music from your USB device via a rear input
Radio Yes
Voice Guidance Yes
Text-to-Speech Capability Yes
Installation Type 2-DIN, in dash
Anti-Theft Protection Yes
Compatible Cars AVIC-F310BT
Compatible Cars Any car with a 2-DIN slot
Navigation Features AVIC-F310BT
Map Type Pre-installed on built-in flash memory
Navigation Coverage 44 European countries ('connector roads' for 9 countries)
Points of Interest (POI) 2,3 million
NavGate Feeds Custom POI Creator Yes
TMC Traffic Info Receiver Yes
Voice Guidance Languages 18 languages supported: UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish
Menu Languages 17 languages supported: UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish
Bluetooth Features AVIC-F310BT
Parrot Bluetooth Module Yes
Hands Free Calling (Hands Free Profile) Yes
Additional Bluetooth Features • Phone book transfer
• 400 entries for each user (up to 3 users)
iPod Compatibility AVIC-F310BT
iPod Control Yes, via optional CD-IU50 cable
Works with iPhone Yes
Compatible Generations From September 2005 - July 2008
Supported Functions • Battery charging
• List browsing
• Music playback
Expandability AVIC-F310BT
RCA Pre-Outs 1 (Rear or Subwoofer)
SD Card Input Yes (for POI and map updates)
Aux. In 1 (Rear Audio input)
USB Input Yes (Rear)
Portable Device Connectivity Yes, via optional CD-RM10 cable.
Direct Sub Drive Yes
Hard Wired Remote Ready Yes
Audio AVIC-F310BT

Pioneer presents a new in dash entertainment system with GPS navigation called Pioneer AVIC-F310BT. Pioneer AVIC-F310BT has a sale price of € 799, – relatively cheap, but that does not mean that the system is equipped sparingly. According to Pioneer, the AVIC-F310BT is the entry model for consumers who are fed up with cigarette lighters and suction cups to make the device work. The double-DIN mounting system offers a big advantage that a stand alone GPS navigation system also has: it is removable – the screen that is; which is enough to steer away most thieves.

AVIC-F310BT is an all-in-one system. Radio, CD player, USB connection with the option to connect an iPod and the navigation system are all combined. Pioneer AVIC-F310BT is controlled via the touch screen and even handsfree for those who wish to call using the built-in Parrot Bluetooth car kit. The navigation system is equipped with the maps of at lease 44 European countries and also offer free TMC traffic updates. Although F310BT is equipped with an SD card reader, it can only be used for new maps for the device or to bring in new POIs for the system. Another nice feature with this latest Pioneer system is the adjustable lighting which makes AVIC-F310BT suitable for many cars. The LED colors of this system can match the interior of your vehicle.

Users can also use the free NavGate Feeds software from the manufacturer on their PC and use it to connect to the detachable screen we just mentioned. The software can also be used while driving, to monitor fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The manufacturer suggested retail price is set at € 799…

MOSFET 50 W x 4 Amplifier Yes
Equaliser 3-band Parametric Equaliser (PEQ)
Sound Retriever Yes
Main Features AVIC-F310BT
Bluetooth Yes

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